Future Lions

We submitted for the Future Lions brief for the first and last time in our career.

The brief:
Create a powerful idea that puts creative play back on the agenda and show how kids can realize great things when they are left to play.

The challenge:
We are in danger of raising a generation of kids who are less creative, curious and happy: at age 5, we engage in creative tasks 98 times, laugh 113, and ask 65 questions per day- by 44 it drops to 2 creative tasks, 11 laughs and 6 questions.

Fernet Branca

The billboards say:
1. This ad has a better view than you could ever afford – Life is Bitter
2. There are 56.000 more cars than public parking spaces in Copenhagen – Life is Bitter

We made it at PONG

Promote Your Local

We designed for:
“Promote your local” is an attempt to help local businesses through creativity and fashion.
When buying a t-shirt you become a walking promotion for local businesses in your area.


3 more designs coming soon.

Uno X

Credits: Emil (idea) and Brandhouse team: Lise Lehwald (copy), Tom Rossum (graphic), Jeppe Ritz, and Louis Pilmark.

Fernet Branca

Danish influencers went to Dubai while the rest of the county was shut down under the pandemic.
One comment from an influencer was; people are just jealous.
The text says: “You post your gorgeous pictures from Dubai. And people just get jealous.” Life is Bitter.

We made it at PONG

The A.E.D. AD

“How Shanghai Municipal Government could take advantage of the ad-industry to help battle strokes, all over Shanghai.”.
School project
Credits: Alex + Josefine Petry.

Bring A Gun To School Day

D&AD New Blood 2020.
Made by Emil and credits to Anne-Mette Christiansen.

Dry Demo

“Chile is sucking the life out of everything.”.
School project
Credits: Emil + Anne-Mette Christiansen.