Hello. I’m Emil.
I’m 29. Born and raised in the Danish Caribbean; Svendborg. This is also where Brunsviger (a really nice and famous cake) origins from. Brunner for slang, if you’re cool. Besides that, I have been roaming the streets in CPH for the last 10 years.  

If you’re serious, we could Facetime or whatever and I will tell you some of my weird thoughts I have written down in my notes.
Bonus: Under the pandemic, I became close friends with some shrimps and interested in life underwater. Just a little fun fact you’ll find interesting. I hope.
Please have a look at some of my side hustles. Pls.

I made a “book”, showing some of my best pictures.

Before I truly knew I wanted to pursue a career in the world of ideas, I did an assignment back in 2017 when I applied to the Architect School in Copenhagen.

I like music. I especially like house music. https://soundcloud.com/kommunekemi

What are we remembered for?
I tweaked an old ad for a travel agency with Mads Mikkelsen.
(It’s in danish – sorry)

My motivation!
Part of an assignment I did applying Creative Communications back in 2018. 
(It’s in danish – sorry)